Vigilantes Clan


Last Updated: 10/05/15

Loyalty. Maturity. Leadership. Skill. Respect.

These are the primary qualities we look for when recruiting and accepting new members. Although not all are required and some are more important than others, we prefer see most or all of these qualities to ensure everyone gets along.

There are but a few requirements, rules and guidelines that we enforce on members. We suggest reading up on them to be sure the Vigilantes Clan is right for you.

  • Although the leaders follow the Christian faith, this is not a Christian-only clan and we expect all faiths and religions to be given the same respect.
  • We recruit members 18 years of age or older.
  • You must add the leaders to your Xbox Live friends list for ease of messaging. Removing most or all of them will have you removed from the clan.
  • We do not condone cheating or hacking and ask that our members not partake in such practices.
  • We take honesty in the clan very seriously, and being caught up in a lie will likely terminate your membership with the clan.
  • When participating in an event, we ask that our members display either the clan's emblem, an emblem related to the clan, or our clan tag (VIGL). These may be changed again after the event if desired.
  • A microphone for communication is a requirement.

Regarding Multi-Clan Members

For the most part, it is preferred that the Vigilantes Clan remain your only Xbox-related clan. Here are some guidelines when joining our clan and our stance on members who wish to join multiple clans:

  • You may join another Xbox-related clan if it for a game we do not support, such as Grand Theft Auto 5. We do not allow members to join other clans that play one of our primary titles, such as the Master Chief Collection.
  • You are free to join as many clans as you wish outside of the Xbox community, such as for PC, Sony, or any other console.
  • In Halo, the above is our official clan emblem. Although it is not required of you to wear it 24/7, we typically appreciate when our members use it during a clan event to show unity. The foreground is Valkyrie and the background is Shield.

    For games with custom emblems, such as certain COD games, please make at least one emblem with "Vigilantes Clan" in it for clan event purposes.

    Color Code
    Primary Color: Anything you want, except for White
    Secondary Color: MUST be Silver
    Background Color: MUST be White

    Due to the random nature of obtaining emblems in Destiny, we do not have an official emblem in that title.